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Competition Videos


Motion Capture Dance offers a brand new unique viewing experience of your performances. Captured in Ultra High Definition via a 3 camera Multi-View edit and professional Audio. Delivered via a personalised SD Card or Email.

Put your memories in the hands of the Professionals



  • Adult Pro/Am - $20 
  • Youth and Junior - $13 
  • Callbacks - $12 
  • Professionals - $18 
  • Solo - $40 
  • Awards - $20
  • SD Card - $15
  • Promotional Films *see details below

*All prices quoted above are per dance or solo, individual dances in Championship and Scholarships are charged per dance

Video Formats

All your heats captured are supplied on a SD Card in Ultra High Definition with professional Line-in audio. Available directly after you finish your last Heat - $10

Delivery via email $15 (approx 1 week prior to the event is Standard Definition)

Videos also display Heat numbers for easy reference when watching back

Promotional Reels

Motion Capture Dance also offers multi-camera video edits of your performances.

Wow your family and friends with a tailor made video edit showcasing highlights of your performances


*available via email 1-2 weeks prior to the event

Example of a Promotional Reel

Pre-Order Information

This Information will be used add you to our database.

This will save you time when arriving at the Event. Simply stop by our booth with your updated Heat Sheet and competition number you will receive at registration and make your payment.